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The Judo Money Move:  IRA to HSA transfer   The most attractive features of Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are still vastly under-appreciated.  As more employees enroll in High Deductible Health…


Future Legislation Could Take “Healthcare 401(k)s” Mainstream Ever since health savings accounts (HSA) became law in 2003, the vast majority of excess balances have accumulated in low interest-bearing deposit accounts. …

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Why Price Transparency Matters More than Ever Healthcare price transparency should be a core topic of any financial wellness platform. Consumers with health savings accounts (HSA) are often not even…

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Background First, let’s hit some brief background on healthcare “cost transparency tools”.  Studies show consumer adoption of such web-based tools or applications (apps) is really quite terrible.  So why have…

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At first glance, the recent Supreme Court decision in Gobeille v. Liberty Mutual signals an end for state efforts to collect and disseminate de-identified health claims data with the intent…