Review the Most Common Health Costs for NH Females between 40-50 yrs old

Today’s blog is a bit different (and brief).  We present a lot of service-specific cost and quality data on our Healthy Hive NH site.  We are also able to highlight other topics via our blog, such as focusing on a particular demographic.  We think this is very important because it is helpful to know what types of out-of-pocket costs may be incurred based on your age and gender.

While one cannot perfectly anticipate future medical expenditures (especially emergency room visits!), it may be helpful to have a general sense of what you may face based on your demo as it could the type of health plan design you elect.  We are tempted to use the expression ‘predictive analytics’ but let’s be honest don’t we have enough buzz words to contend with?

Here we queried the top 20 most common services where the out-of-pocket costs exceeds $300 for females between 40-50.  Of course its just 20 services, but as noted above, these are the most commonly incurred costs based on our 2014 data.  The total out-of-pocket spent on just these 20 services exceeded $5.8 million.

As discussed in prior posts, consumer engagement is critical in taking ownership of rising health costs.  In a later post we will expand on one of these services in a similar fashion as we did with the cardiac ultrasound by assessing the cost dispersion based on hospital & plan type (HMO, PPO).

You can compare average historical costs across hospitals by registering at HealthyHive NH.  Enter your zip code and jusr copy and paste the service description in the search field.  You can also review quality metrics that come from our federal Medicare open data.


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If you are a Female in NH and between 40-50, these are health costs you may incur
If you are a Female in NH & between 40-50, these are health costs you may incur


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