NH: Open Data = Health Cost Saving$

They say visuals are the best way to convey a message.  we think we have some pretty awesome content, but to be honest, there has been pretty low interest in what we are doing.  Hopefully these screen shots will make it easier for folks to see how it works.

NH residents can use our dedicated section of HealthyHive.com to scout historical costs at NH-based health facilities.  As more consumers are electing high deductible plans, health cost transparency is becoming more and more critical.  Click on the images to maximize the size.


Step 1:  Choose insurance profile


Step 2:  Enter keywords for the specific Procedure


Step 3:  Choose up to 3 hospitals at once to compare (based on distance from your zip code)


Step 4:  Assess historical out-of-pocket costs for the procedure


Step 5:  Review various Patient Survey results and Quality metrics – this is perhaps the most exciting new addition to our tool.







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